About Us

Granite Staters for Education Reform was founded in 2020 by a group of parents and educators concerned about the direction our education system was heading.

We work to promote and educate the public on policies that are better for students and educators, that advance education in innovative new ways, and that expand opportunity for all.

Children deserve the very best opportunities and education, regardless of their income level or zip code. There are so many educational opportunities available we need to take advantage of all of them, in a broad manner, to ensure every child is receiving an education that works for them and can meet them on their level.

Chair, Christopher Maidment

Christopher Maidment is a parent of two young children and lives with his wife, Rachel, in Peterborough. Chris graduated from Triton Regional High School, a public cooperative high school in Byfield MA.

His wife Rachel graduated from a small private school in Peabody MA, and earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Roanoke College in Virginia. She currently works as an educational textbook editor for a small New Hampshire company and is a full-time stay at home mom.

“After being active in the political world for years, it became apparent to me that there was a big gap between educational opportunities that are available and the general public’s knowledge of those opportunities. This group will be able to grow the awareness of many educational opportunities and help children succeed.” Chris said.

“It is of the utmost importance that parents know of the options and opportunities available to them and their children. Further, it’s important to keep expanding those opportunities everywhere possible.”

Vice Chair, Jon DiPietro

Founding Members;

Christopher Maidment, Peterborough
Jon DiPietro, Manchester
Katherine Shea, Goffstown
Sarah Chamberlain, Salisbury
Becca Bailey, Piermont
Patrick Coleman, Dover
Eric Couture, Manchester
John Spottiswood, Pelham
Representative Kevin Verville, Deerfield
Honorable Victoria Sullivan, Manchester
Leah Wolczo, Goffstown
Kristin Noble, Bedford

Founding Member, Victoria Sullivan

Victoria Sullivan is a former two-term Representative from Manchester, as well as a former candidate for Manchester Mayor.

While serving in the New Hampshire House of Representatives, Victoria promoted and sponsored legislation to increase education opportunities for all Granite State students.

Founding Member, Patrick Coleman

Patrick is a father of two (soon to be three!) girls and lives in Dover with his wife. Patrick has a Masters Degree in Education.

Founding Member, Leah Wolczo

Leah Wolczo resides in Goffstown with her husband and works as a public school teacher.

Founding Member, Eric Couture

Eric is a father of four who lives in Manchester with his wife. They homeschool their children to provide them with a fully customizable education with endless opportunity.