Group of Concerned Parents Form “Granite Staters for Education Reform” to fight for Education Reform in New Hampshire

Granite Staters for Education Reform

For Immediate Release – Feb 13, 2020

Contact: Christopher Maidment, 603.824.3824

Parents and educators from across New Hampshire are coming  together to launch Granite Staters for Education Reform. The group will focus on promoting and expanding educational opportunities for all students in the Granite State.

“Every New Hampshire student deserves a chance at a quality education.  At the same time, no parent should be forced to send their child to an education experience that doesn’t work for that student.  There are many current opportunities for children to obtain a great education here, but there is endless room for growth.” Chairman Chris Maidment said,

“So many parents in New Hampshire don’t realize all of the options out there for their children or understand the barriers to quality education that some are attempting to create in Concord and Washington,” he continued. “Not only can we promote the currently available educational opportunities, but we can help them push for expanded choices.”

“Since 2017, there has been a strong push by Gov. Sununu’s administration to advance educational freedom and reform current outdated policies and regulations.  What we’ve seen coming from Concord would be fantastic for many students if enacted.” Maidment added.

“As Granite Staters for Education Reform, we can use our collective voices to help parents understand these policies and help educate them on the ever-improving education climate here in New Hampshire.  Together, we can all work towards what is best for the children of New Hampshire and help everyone get an education that best meets the needs of every student.”


12 parents and educators from across New Hampshire have formed the Granite Staters for Education Reform to educate the public on the positive policies that have been coming from Concord.

The founding members are:

Christopher Maidment, Peterborough

Jon DiPietro, Manchester

Kristin Noble, Bedford

John Spottiswood, Pelham

Eric Couture, Manchester

Sarah Chamberlain, Salisbury

Patrick Coleman, Derry

Victoria Sullivan, Manchester

Kevin Verville, Deerfield

Becca Bailey, Piermont

Katherine Shea, Goffstown